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Since 2016 Blunt Agency have been responsible for national and localised brand strategy, advertising creative and campaign implementation for G.J. Gardner Homes.

As Australia’s most successful building franchise group and Australia’s No.1 Rated National Home Builder, G.J. Gardner Homes and it’s 90+ franchisees operate in metro, regional and rural markets throughout Australia.

During this time Blunt Agency have rolled out multiple brand campaigns for the group, achieving significant growth and outcomes for the business. This has significantly reshaped how G.J. Gardner Homes view themselves and it’s position within the market.

In 2016 we launched the highly successful Your trusted local campaign. Your trusted local enabled G.J. Gardner Homes franchisees to own the market position of where they live and solidify their personal connection to their community with personalisation, relevance and authenticity.

Our strategy and creative identified what makes G.J. unique in the market and tapped into the key reason as to why people choose a builder, that being trust.

The hero message ‘Building together’ was incorporated for national marketing and ‘Building (Local Town)’ for location specific marketing to enabling franchisees to ‘own’ where they live at a brand level, paired with the sub tagline ‘Your trusted local’.

By leveraging the town name and repetitively building on the Your trusted local message, G.J. Gardner Homes created a market position that resonates with metro, regional and rural communities, and achieved clear cut-through.

Since delivering the Your trusted local National Campaign, G.J. Gardner Homes has cemented the position in each market of being the ‘trusted local’, a critically identified decision factor in customer’s minds when researching a builder that was identified through in depth qualitative research conducted by Australia’s largest real estate portal realestate.com.au

On launch, the campaign resulted in two record quarters in terms of sales, website visitation and social engagement by over +30% in all instances.

From an ROI perspective, including taking in to account media spends, the campaign has experienced a 22:1 result. Due to its success, the campaign is now ingrained in the brand’s architecture, becoming part of the overarching brand execution at every instance.

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Following the success of the Your trusted local campaign, Blunt Agency discovered a number of national home builders subsequently launched similar, and in some instances directly plagiarising campaigns.

To ensure clear differentiation of the G.J. Gardner Homes brand in the market, and in a move to solidify G.J’s connection to the concept of trust, in June 2018 we launched the #MostTrusted campaign.

Where trust could be seen as a generic statement #MostTrusted is the highest benchmark. As Australia’s No.1 Rated National Home Builder based on customer satisfaction, G.J. Gardner Homes were already seen as Australia’s most trusted builder, it was time to bring this concept to market with clarity and ownership.

#MostTrusted is a continuation of the Your trusted local story. The campaign centres around connecting with audiences through authentic story-telling that resonates with customers and demonstrates being #MostTrusted. The campaign is not just about product, rather it’s about relationship.

Since launching the #MostTrusted campaign to the franchise network, #MostTrusted has become a fundamental aspect of the G.J. Gardner Homes brand. It is the constant reminder to franchisees of who they need to be and become, not only to their customers but within their communities as people.

Since launching in June 2018 home sales up by +24% in a market that has been slightly contracted in recent times.
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